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Workplace Well-Being: Wellness, Struggle, and Where to Start

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Guest Article: By: Michelle Doerr, Anavah Consulting, LLC

For the past several years, my partners and I have been working to create thriving workplaces in the conservation community. This starts with opening discussions around well-being in our workplaces. I give credit to the ripples created from the Minnesota Chapter of the Wildlife Society for a wellness workshop they held at the annual meeting back in 2019. They opened the door wide to begin talking about wellness in public settings. After the two leaders of the chapter expressed vulnerability in their own wellness journey, the audience jumped into all sorts of issues, including gender harassment, inclusion, accessibility, unpaid internships and more. 

People want to talk about well-being in the workplace, so I am working to make those conversations more available. In this article, I provide some basics about defining wellness, its importance, the struggles we all experience, the impact of being unwell, and how to start these conversations and the first steps toward greater wellness.  

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