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Fire Adapted Communities

Building community resilience through wildfire protection

Dovetail Partners strongly believes in empowering communities with the resources and knowledge necessary to be resilient in the face of wildfire threats. Fire has, and will continue to play, a critical role throughout the forested region. Dovetail Partners serves as the Fire Adapted Communities hub coordinator for the Upper Midwest and is involved in assisting with community-driven wildfire risk reduction efforts in the region. This work has supported landowner outreach and education, trainings for local fire departments on wildfire preparation and protection, and facilitating the development of Community Wildfire Protection Plans.

Through additional funding support, Dovetail Partners has led fuels reduction efforts in communities prone to wildfire threats and has empowered rural communities to develop infrastructure to improve their resilience to wildfire impacts.

Additional fire resiliency resources:

Arrowhead Fire Adapted Communities (Minnesota) - Building wildfire resiliency in the communities throughout Minnesota's Arrowhead region.

Firewise USA (National Fire Protection Association) - teaches people how to adapt to living with wildfire and encourages neighbors to work together and take action now to prevent losses. 

Ready, Set, Go! Program (International Association of Fire Chiefs) - seeks to develop and improve the dialogue between fire departments and the residents they serve with program tenets: "Ready with preparedness understanding, be Set with situational awareness when fire threatens, and to Go, acting early when a fire starts." 

Prepare for Wildfire: The Hwy 1 Fire Wake-up Call (click title for video) - addresses community preparedness in the face of the recent Highway 1 wildfire in Ely, Minnesota. It gives residents the tools they need to prepare for this kind of event should it happen again in the future. 

Living With Fire: Why and How? (click title for video) - provides information and useful tools for residents who live in a fire prone environment to reduce their risk of property loss. 

Fire Adapted Communities

Dovetail Partners is a proud member of the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network (FAC Net). FAC Net is an active, engaged and growing network of individuals and organizations who exchange information, collaborate to enhance the practice of fire adapted communities, and work together at multiple scales to help communities live safely with fire. This includes embracing resiliency concepts and taking action before, during and after wildfires.

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