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Heartbeat of the Forest by Kathleen Preece

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As a first time contributor to Dovetail’s newsletter (with anticipation of introducing you to the less-heard-of people who don’t always make it into the ‘big picture’), I want to tell you about Stan Ringold and what he was thinking about during his career.

Stan Ringold thought about corners.

Yes – corners. Even at time of the season such as this - at the start of a new year when many of us dwell on the path ahead, and not on the curves and crooks that may potentially lie on the trail in front of us, Stan thought ‘corners.’ Stan Ringold worked for the Forest Service in northern California, returning to his native Minnesota in 1951 where he worked for the then M&O Paper Company. After time with Diamond Match in Cloquet, Stan became forester for the

Rajala Timber Company in Deer River. That’s where I met him.

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