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Using Biochar in Stormwater Management Webinar

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Dovetail Partners presented a webinar on "Using Biochar in Stormwater Management" on Wednesday, February 9. Speakers included Kathleen Draper, International Biochar Initiative; Chuck Hegberg, Ecotone, LLC; and Harry Groot, Dovetail Partners, Inc. Topics included biochar’s potential and how biochar is being used to solve problems.

Over the last decade biochar has begun to play an ever-expanding role in managing and decontaminating stormwater. Learn about biochar's potential, including how biochar is being used and can solve problems, during this webinar.

"Using Biochar in Stormwater Management" was part of a three-part webinar series on biochar, presented by Dovetail Partners. You can view part one, "Using Biochar in Viticulture", and part two, "Biochar Use with Livestock and Poultry" on our website.


Webinar Recording:

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