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Dovetail Partners is seeking candidates for an Ely Fireshed Coordinator position

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Ely Fireshed Coordinator

Period of Performance: January 2024 through December 2025
Location of Work: Ely, MN
Funding Committed: $138,000

Applications must be received by 5:00 pm CT on December 15th, 2023


Dovetail Partners is seeking candidates for an Ely Fireshed Coordinator position to play a key role by providing coordination services in the implementation of hazardous fuel reduction projects across all land ownerships in the Ely Fireshed. The Ely Fireshed Coordinator will facilitate the development of an implementable plan across ownership boundaries to reduce fuels hazards and wildfire risk to the greater Ely community.


Position Responsibilities:

  1. Meeting Management: Convene and facilitate meetings of land management agency representatives on a routine basis. Document decisions and meeting minutes. Send out meeting invites, manage digital folders with supporting paperwork for agenda items etc. Assist with the development of priorities and timelines.
  2. Communications: Serve as a liaison between land management agencies (MN DNR, St. Louis County, Lake County, etc) and the USFS in order to include these and other affected agencies when appropriate in the planning process.
  3. Coordination: Work with land management agencies to coordinate agency specific services within project areas so that the right treatments are being implemented using the right tools, communicate needs to the TNC Ely Fireshed Fuels Planner and interagency team, prioritize the project areas identified by the USFS, and participate in the interdisciplinary teams.
  4. Information and Resource Support: Identify programs, services and funding available through agencies that serve the prioritized project areas in order to fully use those tools to successfully implement the fuels treatment plans across all ownerships.
  5. Trust Building: Build effective relationships with a variety of partners such as the TNC fuels planner, Forest Service staff, other federal agencies, State, County, and private landowners. Engage with land managers to understand their management objectives and identify treatments consistent with agency land management plans and other agencies requirements.
  6. Administration: Manage the project budget and assist in completion of paperwork related to grant responsibilities. Submit vouchers, reports and other information.

The Coordinator will lead the development of an implementable plan across ownership boundaries to reduce fuels hazards and wildfire risk to the greater Ely community.  The goals for the resulting plan include:

-        Restoring forests and increasing resilience through an integrated resource approach to vegetation treatments across all ownerships that addresses the need for climate change adaptation,

-        Increasing the application of traditional, place-based ecological knowledge and scientific research to provide key information to decision makers,

-        Improving habitat and preserving biodiversity for at risk species, including moose, lynx and other beings,

-        Sequestering carbon through silvicultural practices that reduce the risk of high-intensity wildfires,

-        Growing community relationships and resilience while reducing wildland fire hazards through risk reduction treatments, and

-        Contributing to the establishment of long term funding sources through grants, agency budgets requests, agency program of work, etc for implementation of treatments and continued financial support of the effective partnerships to reduce fuels hazards and wildfire risk to the greater Ely community.


Desired Qualifications:

Education, training, and/or experience addressing as many of the following as possible:

Agency land use and natural resource management and planning

Meeting planning and facilitation, consultation techniques, and conflict resolution

USFS programs and procedures

Wildfire risk and effective fuels hazard reduction techniques

Project management, budgeting, and grant administration

Silviculture and forest planning and management

Forest health and sustainability

GIS analysis and mapping



The position will be supported within the offices of the Superior National Forest, Kawishiwi District, located in Ely, MN (1393 Highway 169, Ely, MN 55731). The Coordinator will work closely with the USFS staff within this office. The work will include field responsibilities within the Fernberg Project Area, portions of HiLo Area, and Ely greater community area within the Rainy-River Headwaters Watershed.

To Apply:

Send a current resume along with a cover letter addressing the desired qualifications to: Dovetail Partners, ATTN: Ely Fireshed Coordinator Application, 528 Hennepin Ave, Suite 303, Minneapolis, MN 55403      Application materials may also be emailed to info@dovetailinc.org with “Ely Fireshed Coordinator Application” in the subject line.


Applications must be received by 5:00pm CT on December 15th, 2023


Dovetail Partners is an equal opportunity employer. This posting and description does not constitute a promise, offer, or guarantee of employment.

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