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Biochar Factsheets and Application Guide Available from the Great Plains Biochar Initiative

Biochar Factsheets and Application Guide Available from the Great Plains Biochar Initiative

Biochar is the hidden gem of the 21 century. This substance is catching the attention of scientists, farmers, and environmental enthusiasts alike. The factsheets will explore the boundless potential, benefits and ways it is revolutionizing industries around the globe. Biochar is a solution that promises to shape a greener, more sustainable future for our planet.

Biochar, a carbonaceous substance, is derived from organic matter via a process known as pyrolysis. Pyrolysis involves subjecting organic material to extreme heat in an oxygen-deprived environment, leading to a transformation in its chemical composition. Factsheets have been developed by Nebraska Forest Service, US Biochar Initiative, Dovetail Partners, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Cornell Extension and others, including biochar users and industry experts to assist others in incorporating biochar into several applications. In many cases, the use of biochar helps alleviate the reliance on non-renewable resources, reduces environmental and economic costs, and eliminates the need for hard-to-acquire ingredients.

Biochar Factsheets for Industries:

The Biochar factsheets are part of a larger initiative, The Great Plains Biochar Initiative. This initiative aims to improve biochar awareness and market development in the Great Plains. It was funded by the USDA Forest Service and formalized a partnership between the Nebraska Forest Service, Kansas Forest Service, Wilson Biochar Associates, Dovetail Partners and High Plains Biochar, LLC. The partnership continues beyond the end of that initial grant with further collaboration on projects as they are developed and funded. Learn more here.

Update: The Biochar Guidelines for Agriculture Applications (Part 1) is now available in Spanish. 

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