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Recognition & Gratitude to our First Score Club

Dovetail Partners “First Score” Club 2023

Dovetail Partners is celebrating our 20th anniversary throughout 2023!  In honor of our “First Score” we want to express our gratitude to those individuals and organizations that have gotten us to this milestone and also invite new and continued support.  Please join our First Score Club and help secure Dovetail’s work for the next twenty years - our “second score”.

First Score Club Membership, 2023

Donations made before November 25, 2023 (twenty years to-the-day of Dovetail’s founding!) will count toward membership in the First Score Club. Donors to the First Score Club will be recognized in Dovetail’s e-newsletter, at our website, and in our annual report. 


Cheryl Adams

A William Boehner

Steve & Janet Bratkovich

Connie & Eric Carlson

Mike Carroll

Ed Chanin

Alicia Cramer

Paul DeLong

Kedren Dillard

Carmen & Sally Fernholz, A-Frame Farm

Kay & Annette Fernholz, Earthrise Farm

Patrick de Freitas

Heather Himler

Mark Jacobs

Jonathon Kemske

Tom & Mary Kroll, Kroll Consulting Forestry, LLC.

Douglas MacCleery

David Mahood

Shawn Markham

Jim Marshall

Thomas McLain

Gerry Mich

Norm Moody

Norman Murray

Pierce Cedar Creek Institute

Doug Rau

Robert Scheierl

Bruce Schoenberg

Charles Thompson

Beth Waterhouse

Robert Westfall

Adam Zoet


Jim & Ruth Bowyer

John Bradfield, Dedicated to My fellow Wood Science Graduates and my Professors at NC State University 1977-1982

Christian & Kedzie Fernholz Family

Martha and Colin Moseley

Cassie Phillips

Thomas E. Sullivan

Elizabeth and Erik Woodworth


CN Utility Consulting (CNUC)


Jill & Charles Koosmann



...and additional Anonymous Donors,

Donations can be made online at:


Click here to download a donation form.

In honor of our anniversary, we have invited input and received testimonials from recent interns who shared ways in which Dovetail has impacted their career and personal path:

“I was drawn to Dovetail Partners because I had the privilege of having Dr. Jim Bowyer as professor and the course he taught (along with his integrity and passion) had such a lasting impact on me—it really opened my young eyes. I absolutely love and believe in the mission of Dovetail Partners and the staff has always been exceptionally talented and knowledgeable. I currently work in reviewing Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements and serve on the local Natural Resources Commission. I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate and contribute with such an amazing globally important organization.”  - P.F,  2012.

“I loved being an intern at Dovetail while I was an undergrad pursuing my architecture degree and sustainability minor. Dovetail helped me get a further internship opportunity and really had a large impact on my fledgling architecture career! I was and remain incredibly grateful.”  - A.T, 2013.

“Dovetail has always been a supremely knowledgeable and supportive resource in the ~7 years that we've been connected since my internship - connecting me with appropriate resources and guidance and providing insight to people in my network - providing a very broad range of natural resource topics. I currently work for the US Forest Service.”  - L.K, 2015.

"I was lucky enough to land a research internship with Dovetail my first year attending the University and was guided through a semester-long research project exploring urban greening & equity with so much encouragement, thoughtful feedback, and technical guidance. I even published my research in an undergraduate research journal, which has been a big resume highlight. My time at Dovetail provided personal and professional resources and it was a foundational stepping stone in my college and professional career."  - A.S, 2020.

If you’re looking for more information about our impact, you can also read testimonials from past projects and partners at the bottom of our website’s homepage - including this comment from a colleague: “I’ve trusted Dovetail Partners to give me reliable information to inform my research. They provide timely analysis and have the experience and integrity to know how to use it.”  

Thank you for your support of Dovetail Partners and helping us reach our 20th Anniversary year!  We are grateful for your support and look forward to continuing the journey together.

Thank you very much for your support!  A letter will be sent to acknowledge your contribution. If you have any questions or would like more information, please call 612-333-0430 or send an email to

 Information about making donations from investment accounts is also available. 

Dovetail Partners is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (Tax ID: 52-2419510)and your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Dovetail Partners’ mission is to provide authoritative information about the impacts and trade-offs of environmental decisions, including consumption choices, land use, and policy alternatives.   

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