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A Minnesota Landowner Guide to Biochar

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Biochar is a modern technology that returns carbon to the soil in the form of long-lasting charcoal. It’s made by baking biomass (such as tree wood, plants, manure, and other organic materials) without the oxygen that could cause it to burn completely to ash.

This guide includes best practices advice for landowners using the Carlton SWCD’s Oregon kiln to produce and utilize biochar. However, variables on the production and intended uses make exact recommendations a challenge. Detailed best practices for both production and utilization remain a need as biochar production and uses increase.

The Carlton SWCD has specialist in forests, invasive species control, native plant restorations, agriculture, wildlife habitat, urban runoff treatment, and general soil health to assist landowners in planning their projects and exploring biochar use in its role to support all these conservation projects through improving soil health.

Partners in developing the biochar projects of the Carlton SWCD have included U of M Extension Regional Sustainable Development Partnership, Dovetail Partners, Utah State University, NRRI, Cromwell High School Metals Class, City of Carlton, and the Carlton County Land Department.

Read more here: https://carltonswcd.org/biochar-kilns

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