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Kathryn Fernholz of Dovetail Partners joins the Board of Directors at #forestproud

Minneapolis, MN — Dovetail Partners is pleased to announce that Kathryn Fernholz has joined the Board of Directors for the North American Forest Partnership (NAFP).

Organized under the #forestproud platform, NAFP is a diverse coalition committed to building awareness and support for North America's forests as the key to providing solutions to a wide range of environmental and societal challenges. With a focus on carbon benefits and climate solutions, #forestproud's vision is a world where current and future generations understand, appreciate, and value forests; and all the products and benefits they provide, as the most powerful tool we have in the fight against climate change. 

Kathryn (Katie) Fernholz is President/CEO of Dovetail Partners and Dovetail has been a member of NAFP since its formation. Katie has previously served on the board as well as strategy and communications teams for NAFP.

“I am pleased to rejoin the NAFP board to continue to support the work and positive impact of #forestproud,” says Fernholz. “It has never been more important to recognize our relationships with forests and forest products and the benefits we derive from them - we are all forest-dependent in one way or another and should be proud of it!”

"We are thrilled to welcome Katie to the Board. Her expertise in forest management, markets, sustainability, certification standards, and her nuanced understanding of the complex interconnection between society and the environment, will be invaluable in helping us better capture and tell the full story of North America's forests," said TJ Struhs, the Executive Director of #forestproud.

Via the #forestproud platform, NAFP creates and amplifies educational and informational content designed to build awareness and support for North America's forests, and the millions of people responsible for keeping them healthy and shaping their future. #forestproud connects the dots between forests, the products and benefits they provide, and the role they play in providing solutions to pressing societal challenges.


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