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Dovetail Partners contributes to the newly released “Emerging Market Opportunities for Minnesota’s Forest Product Industry” report

(Minneapolis, MN) – A new analysis shows Minnesota has plenty of room to grow when it comes to the huge economic and environmental benefits of its vast forestry resources. This work, led by the Great Plains Institute, can be found on their website. Dovetail Partners, a report contributor, has long supported efforts to diversify and promote the Minnesota forest products industry. Kathryn Fernholz, President & CEO of Dovetail Partners, responded to this report release.

“Minnesota has well-established systems of accountability for balancing economic development and sustainability when it comes to our forests. We are facing new challenges today as we seek to mitigate climate change and respond to a changing marketplace. We need to support traditional industries providing important products for our economy and embrace new technologies that address new challenges. If we drag our feet on this, Minnesota will continue to miss opportunities and fall behind in ways that erode our capacity to be stewards of our natural resources.”

A key takeaway from the analysis is the value of forests and the forest products industry in providing greenhouse gas emissions reductions, through changing management practices for forests, sequestration of carbon in products, and displacement of fossil energy. Many of these strategies require active management of forests and a healthy industry. Supporting new technology and changing management practices takes time, and the state must play an active role now to secure the environmental and economic benefits we want to see in the future.

The full report can be accessed here: https://www.betterenergy.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/emerging-market-opportunities-for-minnesotas-forest-products-industry-great-plains-institute-april-2020.pdf. To discuss report findings, reach out to Kathryn Fernholz at katie@dovetailinc.org

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