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Teachers' Tours Provide Environmental Educators with Firsthand Experiences in 2018

sustainable forestry Teachers' Tours. Through these tours, teachers will have the chance to expand their knowledge of natural resources, forest products, and watersheds. These programs encourage educators to bring their experiences back to the classroom in order to share forestry information with students of all ages.

"These tours are a priceless resource for learning about forests and the environment in an outdoor setting and provide a way for educators to interact directly with the subject matter," says Kathryn Fernholz, Executive Director of Dovetail Partners, a Minneapolis-based environmental non-profit that supports science-based learning.

2018 Teachers' Tours are hosted by educators, public agencies, stewardship organizations, non-profits, and partners all around the country. Some tours offer Continuing Education Units upon successful completion. 

A list of tours and more details are available at Dovetail's environmental education website, Forestinfo.org: http://www.forestinfo.org/forestry_tours

"Learning about environmental science is key to understanding the world we live in and nothing beats real-world experience," says Fernholz.

The list of tours can be found here: http://www.forestinfo.org/forestry_tours

If you know of additional tours in your area, please contact us at info@forestinfo.org or (612) 333-0430 and your submission will be reviewed for addition. 

About Forestinfo:

Forestinfo.org is Dovetail Partner's one-stop shop for environmental education materials that are understandable, unbiased, accurate, and available in a wide variety of formats. Forestinfo.org strives to facilitate informed decisions regarding forestry-related issues and is geared towards teachers, students, forestry professionals, and those with a general interest in protecting, managing, and enhancing the natural environment.

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