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Join Dovetail Partners at the Society for Wood Science and Technology Convention

(Minneapolis, MN) - Dovetail Partner’s associate, Dr. Ed Pepke, will be attending the Society for Wood Science and Technology’s (SWST) annual convention held at the Tenaya Lodge near Yosemite National Park the week of October 20th, which coincides with National Forest Products Week. 

Dr. Pepke will be presenting a report authored by himself and Dovetail Partner’s president, Katie Fernholz, which summarizes a survey of the convention’s technical session chairs on their thoughts regarding future developments in the forest sector. SWST has long brought together the best minds in forest product development and the leaders in the field provide great insight to the future of the industry. Dr. Pepke will also be summarizing discussions from the conference to inform an upcoming report that will be released by Dovetail Partners in early-2020. 

Dovetail Partners, a not-for-profit organization in Minnesota, has been heavily involved in the Society and strongly supports their work in discovering new advancements and technology that will diversify and grow the forest products industry. To find out more about the conference, visit www.swst.org

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