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Sandstone Economic Development Authority to Explore Feasibility of an ATV Training Area and Technical Riding Course on Land Owned by the City

(Sandstone, MN) – The Sandstone Economic Development Authority has approved a contract for the first phase of a feasibility study for an ATV training area and technical riding course on 110 acres of land owned by the City.

“This is a first step to understand what is and isn’t possible on the site,” says Kathy George, Administrator for the City of Sandstone. “The city wants to gauge interest in the project and examine environmental conditions to evaluate design and use alternatives at the site.”  George added that as she talks to people about the possibility, she receives a lot of comments about the concept – both positive and negative. 

The contractor for the feasibility study is Dovetail Partners, a non-profit organization that has provided recreation management planning services in Northern Minnesota and facilitated the multi-year process for the Northwoods ATV Trail project.

“Community leaders in Northern Minnesota have been at the forefront of managing motorized recreation, and projects in recent years have provided opportunities to learn what works, what doesn’t, and what is needed to support quality recreation experiences for diverse user groups on sustainable trail systems,” says Kathryn Fernholz, President of Dovetail Partners.

The first phase of the feasibility study includes developing information about environmental conditions at the site, estimating site capacity, and conducting outreach in the region to raise awareness, gauge interest, and identify concerns. 

“Recreational opportunities need to be carefully planned to match site conditions, reduce conflicts, meet user expectations, and provide multiple benefits,” says Mark Jacobs, Associate with Dovetail Partners.  “The goal is to develop projects that are environmentally responsible, economically-beneficial, and community-supported.”

The first phase will be completed in early 2020 and will provide recommendations to the city regarding design alternatives for the site.

We want to hear from you!!  For more information or to provide input to the process, contact Dovetail Partners at 612-333-0430 or katie@dovetailinc.org

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