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This report provides an introduction to technologies for CDR, the policy and regulatory context, and the role of the forest and wood products sector.  The investment in natural climate solutions has a direct impact on the forest and wood products sector as it can include investments in forestry, ecosystem maintenance and restoration, tree planting, and innovative wood products as strategies for sequestering carbon in the forest, storage in the built environment, and a more circular economic model with reduced climate impacts. Addressing climate change requires a robust menu of strategies being implemented, researched, and enhanced with all due haste.4   Combining engineered solutions like CCS and DAC with widespread adoption of natural climate solutions is an essential strategy for addressing the full scope of economic, social, and ecological goals related to reducing the negative impacts of climate change. Natural climate solutions and carbon capture technologies working together are a 1+1=3 scenario that offers the greatest potential for making individual, community-based, and global changes.

  • Lead AuthorLead Authors: Kathryn Fernholz, Harry Groot Contributing Authors: Sarah Harris, Ed Pepke, Ph.D., Tamberly Conway, Ph.D, Dave Bubser
  • DateMay 2023
  • CategoryCarbon, Forestry
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