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Seamus McCarthy is a soon-to-be graduate of Macalester College and an intern at Dovetail. With an interest in soil ecology, sustainable agriculture, and food systems, Seamus attended the Midwest Soil Health Summit in Mankato and wrote about his experience. The Midwest Soil Health Summit is the Sustainable Farming Association's biggest soil health event of the year. 

Over my Spring break, I had the privilege of attending the Midwest Soil Health Summit, a modestly-sized convention organized by the Sustainable Farming Association. The summit lived up to my expectations in its content and speakers, and was right up my alley of interest. The event consisted of guest speakers, organization tables, and social hours where farmers and other soil enthusiasts could make connections and catch up with each other. After having the chance to attend this conference, it seems only fitting to explain why all these people and I care so much about dirt, and why there’s a great deal to be excited about when it comes to dirt’s future.

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