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Letter from the President

Change is constant.  Whereas 2020 challenged us to expect the unexpected and learn new ways of engaging with each other, 2021 taught us that time and experience only move in one direction - ever forward.

Change occurs at all scales. Individuals, families, systems, nations, planets, and galaxies all experience change.  These changes are both unique and independent while also being deeply and forever connected.

The journey toward sustainability has been on a long path of change.  From concepts of preservation and sustained yield; to values of ecosystem balance and integrity; to acknowledging human needs and inequities that must yet be addressed.

As described in this report, Dovetail continues to work for shared understanding around leading issues, topics, and opportunities that are essential to the future of people and planet.   From addressing wildfire risk reduction in our backyard of Northern Minnesota, to examining ecosystem service markets and water resources in Georgia and the Southeastern US, defining carbon market opportunities for School Trust Lands across the nation, and forest product trade around the world - we seek to engage where there is need and opportunity to create change.

Thank you for supporting our work and being part of building a future that includes a new relationship with the land, its gifts, and each other.

-Kathryn (Katie) Fernholz, President/CEO

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