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As the economy continues to stagnate, unemployment rates remain high, and disagreements persist about the best ways to address our national debt, many Americans have begun taking steps towards increasing their self-sufficiency. In addition, environmental and energy concerns continue to grow, which have led to the development of sustainable practices becoming more commonplace in many professional fields. One area in which self-sufficiency and sustainable practices have merged is the agricultural field, specifically in urban settings, which has led to the growth of an urban agriculture movement.

This report focuses on a reemerging trend towards growing food within cities. Self-sufficiency, ingenuity within the food arena, and concerns regarding food security and health has led to the growing popularity of urban agriculture. Today, non-profits, private entrepreneurs, local city governments, and even the U.S. Department of Agriculture recognize urban agriculture as a means to enhance local economies, improve environmental and human health, and support food security.

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