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The start of the decade of the 2020s provides an opportunity to forecast future developments in the forest sector. We predict these developments of wood and paper products will bring increased demand for wood fiber. Sustainable production of wood and wood fiber is essential and must be ensured by sustainable forest management that protects biodiversity and other forest ecosystem services. Continued market development is critical, especially for new products and applications. Efficient manufacturing is needed for traditional products and for new products. A revitalization of the forest industry via viable products and processes is especially necessary in the United States, but also elsewhere. Strong, ongoing support is important for university-level education and research in all aspects of the forest sector. International cooperation is and always will be a key for continued forest sector development. Communication of the benefits of current and new wood and paper products and processes is essential to all target audiences. 

This report is intended to share creative and forward looking thoughts from experts throughout the forest products sector with a goal to inspire additional insight and inspiration.

Information for this report came from personal interviews conducted at the Society of Wood Science and Technology (SWST) Convention in October 2019 and a pre-convention survey.

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